Lolly Polly is a Polish company based on longstanding experience of confectionery masters. Our company has a wide range of products, including our bestsellers: cupcakes with caramel filling, wafers, meringues and cream fudge. While cooperating with various companies from Europe, United States and Canada, we developed several brands such as: Manufaktura Mojej Babci, Caramello, Chocomello and Krówka Zatorska. The main aim of our company is to create healthy and high-quality products that respond to the latest trends in confectionary world. In 2021, Lolly Polly became a certified entity (PL-EKO-09) for organic food production. That important milestone in the history of our company allows us to develop new lines of bio and organic products.

Our company's goal is to make healthy and modern products based on unique recipes. Thanks to experience in making technologically advanced products and owning technologically differential machine park, we can make high quality products with unique taste. In 2021 Lolly Polly has bought assembly line on Polna street in Zator and obtained ecological production certificate. Thanks to that, a new chapter in Lolly Polly has started, which message is "Lolly Polly - More than sweets". In Lolly Polly we bet on organic, and it's this segment, which we want to further expand upon in near future.

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